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Continuous Flow

The overwhelming majority of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing is accomplished through the use of traditional batch chemical unit operations. Roundtable members have recently organized around a shared desire to promote the development, implementation, and routine use of continuous flow technologies within the Pharmaceutical industry, and to quantify the benefits from a green perspective.

Team Lead


Team Members

Drew Bogdan, Tony Didomenico (Abbvie), Eric Moschetta (Abbvie), Benjamin Rizkin (Abbvie), Thad Franczyk (Abbvie), Alina Borovika (BMS), Tim Braden (Lilly), Isamir Martinez, David Constable (ACS GCI), Hsiao-We Hsieh (Amgen), Wenli Liang (Biogen), Niall McCreanor (AZ)


Promote the use of Continuous Flow within the Pharma Industry, and quantify benefits from a green perspective. Share best practices. Encourage the uptake of continuous flow.

Team Folder

DMS: Flow Chemistry

Team Status

Updated: March 2021


  • Completed RFP for grants on the topic of solvent use minimization in flow.
  • Completed planning for flow chemistry-themed technical session at 2021 ACS GC&E on the topic of flow chemistry as a tool for sustainable chemical development and manufacturing.
  • Met several times over previous year with Andrew Teixeira (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) regarding development for curriculum for his new hands-on training in flow chemistry developed with AIChE RAPID institute funding


  • Due to shifting timelines related to COVID, Teixeira course may be pushed back, and further opportunities for consultation may exist

Activity Snapshot

  • Seeking combined meetings with process analytical technology (PAT) focus team representatives to find areas for collaboration.

Upcoming Projects

  • Promote flow session at the GCE meeting via NEXUS blog in March.
  • Reach out to colleagues with good social media presence to assist in promoting RFP and GC&E session once RFP is published.