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Continuous Flow

The overwhelming majority of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing is accomplished through the use of traditional batch chemical unit operations. Roundtable members have recently organized around a shared desire to promote the development, implementation, and routine use of continuous flow technologies within the Pharmaceutical industry, and to quantify the benefits from a green perspective.

Team Lead


Olivier Dapremont
Olivier Dapremont
AMPAC Fine Chemicals

Team Members

Jayachandran Devaraj, Matt Graff, Matt Bedore, Nathan McCormack, Marina Ciriani, Juan Colberg, Matthieu Dorbec, Zhenzhen Dong, Hongwei Yang, Rudi Oliveira, Wenli Liang, Michael Raunkjær, Trine Puggaard Petersen, Richard-Malpass Evans, Tobias Hintermann, Chong Han, Sean Kelly, Stefan Koenig, Dainis Kaldre, Grace Ahlqvist, Benjamin Martin, Eric Moschette.


Promote the use of Continuous Flow within the Pharma Industry, and quantify benefits from a green perspective. Share best practices. Encourage the uptake of continuous flow.

Team Folder

DMS: Flow Chemistry

Team Status

Updated: March 2024


  • PAT for Continuous Chemistry grant concluded with Oliver Kappe’s group (Graz University)
  • “Flow Session” at the 2024 GCE meeting organized
  • 2024 Grants assigned:
    • Photochemistry to Teixiera & Musacchio at Worcester Polytechnic Inst.
    • Electrochemistry to Schreier & Stahl U. Wisconsin


  • Monthly meetings are still well attended
  • Grant meeting are well attended with good collaborative environment
  • Need to engage CRO/CDMO member companies
  • Currently very much focused around Grant/GCE cycles.

Activity Snapshot

  • “Flow Session” at the 2024 GCE meeting in June in Atlanta.
  • Publication for Closing 2023 Grant (Kappe).
  • Draft publication on Duncan Browne TSE grant work in progress.

Upcoming Projects

  • Close 2023 Grant
  • Update attendees list and expand to CRO/CDMO
  • Desire to re-initiate company-specific flow presentations as an Agenda item to promote sharing of best practices.