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Pharmaceutical Roundtable Awards Grants
October 19, 2019 | C&EN

Bio-Catalysis – An Inspiring Technology in Green and Sustainable API Route Development
October 30, 2018 | Chemical Weekly

Pharmaceutical Industry to Benefit Greatly from Implementation of Green Technologies
October 30, 2018 | Chemical Weekly

Cellulose Derivative Accelerates Organic Chemistry in Water
June 24, 2018 | C&EN

Pharma Leaders Conference Focuses on Industrial Collaboration
January 1, 2018 | C&EN

Peter J. Dunn Award to Lipshutz and Handa
November 20, 2017

Sustainable Catalyst Team Honored by the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable
September 11, 2017 | The Nexus

Designing for Efficacy, Quality, and the Environment: Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry (LOCKED)
July, 2016 | AAPS

Greening PharmSci
June 30, 2016 | AAPS

Progress towards a More Sustainable Synthetic Pathway to Ibuprofen through the Use of Solar Heating
June 6, 2016 | 7th Space Interactive

Industrial Research: Drug companies must adopt green chemistry
May 31, 2016 | Nature

Leeds Scientist Wins International Grant to Fund Research into Sustainable Chemical Processes
April 20, 2016 | University of Leeds

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Awards $150,000 to Fund Continuous Flow Research at Leeds, Temple and California State University
April 19, 2016 | The Nexus

Solvents and Sustainable Chemistry
November 11, 2015 | The Royal Society

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Presents Awards
September 21, 2015 | C&EN

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Celebrates 10 Years
July 6, 2015 | C&EN

Professor Neil Garg Featured in Video Celebrating ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable’s 10th Anniversary
March 26, 2015 | UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Celebrates 10 Years of Achievements
February 19, 2015 | Press Release