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Shannon Stahl, University of Wisconsin-Madison, $150,000
“Oxidation/Epoxidation Methods Without the Use of Chlorinated Solvents: Chemoselective Aerobic Alcohol Oxidation Catalyzed by Earth-Abundant Metals”

Wei Zhang, University of Massachusetts-Boston, $25,000
“Greener Grignard Reactions”

Charles Liotta, Georgia Tech University, $150,000
“Green and Effective Continuous Catalytic Homo-Nazarov Cyclization Towards Multi-Step Synthesis of Heteroaromatic Ring-Fused Clyclohexanones”

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Chao-Jun Li, McGill University, $130,000
“Chiral Amines via Asymmetric Multi-component Reactions”

Michael Krische, University of Texas-Austin, $129,000

“Byproduct-Free Synthesis of Chiral Amines via C-C Bond Forming Transfer Hydrogenation and Hydrogen Auto-Transfer”

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Robert Maleczka and Milton Smith, Michigan State University, $100,000
“Catalytic C-H Activation/Cross-Coupling of Aromatics (Avoiding the Preparation of Haloaromatics)”

Jianliang Xiao, University of Liverpool, $126,166
“Hydrogenation of Amides by Multifunctional Catalysts via Ground State Destabilisation”

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