ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable—Catalyzing green chemistry & engineering in the global pharmaceutical industry.


Yang Hai, University of California Santa Barbara, $50,000
“Application of a PLP-dependent Mannich cyclase for biocatalytic synthesis of heterocyclic quaternary α-amino acids”

C. Oliver Kappe, University of Graz, Austria, $50,000
“Simplified PAT Strategies for Calibration-Free Real-Time Data Gathering and Utilization in Automated Flow Chemistry Platforms”

Christopher Sandford, Dartmouth College, $50,000
“Bifunctional Organocatalysts for Sustainable Peptide Bond Formation”

Nicholas Snow, Seton Hall University, $50,000
“‘Greening’ Pharmaceutical Analysis Using Gas Chromatography”

Jack Norton and Aaron Moment, Columbia University, $50,000
“Selective reduction of aromatic rings in advanced scaffolds in flow reactors with non-noble metal catalysis under mild conditions”

Masad J. Damha, McGill University, $50,000
“Oligonucleotide synthesis by resonant acoustic mixing (RAM)”

Jesús Fernández Lucas, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain, $25,000
“Enzymatic synthesis of C-nucleosides”

Yu Zhao, National University of Singapore, $25,000
“Electrocatalytic Functionalization of Commodity Alcohols to Produce Valuable Amines and Amides”

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