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BioPharma PMI Tool

The Biopharma Process Mass Intensity (PMI) metric provides a standard method for collecting mass data on the amount of water, raw material, and consumables used to produce 1 kg of biologic drug substance (API). This metric uses common parameters to define biologics manufacturing which allows for industry-wide bench-marking, increased transparency during process development, and a method to objectively compare processes.

BioPharma – Biologics PMI Tool

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Kristi Budzinski, Megan Blewis, Philip Dahlin, Daniel D’Aquila, Julia Esparza, Jack Gavin, Sa V. Ho, Clarice Hutchens, David Kahn, Stefan G. Koenig, Robert Kottmeier, Jeff Millard, Matt Snyder, Brad Stanard, Lixin Sun

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