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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Team focuses on increasing awareness of supply chain challenges with green and sustainable science across industry and academia.

Team Leads

Team Members

Neil Langille, Stefan Koenig, David Constable, Alex Dauth, Bill Smith, David Leahy, Chaomin Li, Stefanie Roeper, Mark Ondari, Nick Irvine, Isamir Martinez, Juan Colberg


Promote awareness of supply chain challenges, with respect to green and sustainable science, across industry and academia.

Team Folder

DMS: Supply Chain

Team Status

Updated: March 2023

Overview and Engagement

  • Establish raw material vendor green chemistry innovation award to promote green chemistry and recognize vendors for RM process.
  • Establish Vendor ACS GCIPR virtual forum to promote collaboration and share best practice.
  • Leverage OPRD to mine the data on problematic process and connect resource to provide solution and innovation.
  • Build knowledge about commodity chemical synthesis/process.

Fostering the Supply Chain

  • Raw material vendor green chemistry innovation award draft: scope and criteria.
  • ACS GCIPR virtual forum schedule
    March 28th, Wuxi and PharmaBlock
    May 9th, Porton and Hikal
    June and July, potential Asymchem and Pharmaron
  • China raw material vendor meeting to promote ACS GCI CMO award, June 2023

PSCI & CPhI Opportunities

  • Promote ACS GCI PR’s efforts on green chemistry
  • CPhI presentation on raw material green chemistry innovation and collaboration


  • Collaboration with Chinese Chemistry Society and Indian Chemical Society to promote green chemistry