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Manufacturing Mass Intensity

Team Leads


Colin Benison
Colin Benison (AstraZeneca)
Philippa Payne
Phillipa Payne (Gilead)

Team Members

  • Isamir Martinez (ACS)
  • David Constbale (ACS)
  • Dan Bailey (Takeda)
  • Janine Meyer-Wassewitz (Bayer)
  • Korbinian Kraemer
  • Michael Kopach (Lilly)
  • Sharon Michalak (Amgen)
  • Yibai Sun (Gilead)
  • Winston Nilumol (Genentech)


Commercial processes are improved mainly on cost factor and using techniques such as Lean. This metric will allow material resource intensity to be considered also.

Team Folder

DMS: Manufacturing Mass Intensity

Team Status

Updated:March 2022


  • Team established 21st April 2021(/li)


  • Other PMI benchmarking, Small Molecule, ‘Tides and Biologics.
  • Circular economy metrics overlap.
  • Decoupling benchmarking from tool development.

Activity Snapshot

  • Definition and Scope
  • Tool Development
  • Possible Benchmarking

Upcoming Projects

  • Publish metric to establish usage.