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Green Chemistry API Strategy

Green chemistry programs can have a measurable impact on the reduction of raw materials consumed to manufacture an API, as well a decrease in the quantity and potential toxicity of waste. As a result, green chemistry metrics should contribute to larger corporate sustainability goals. However, better communication and reporting may help connect green chemistry programs to broader, and more publicly visible, goals such as carbon footprinting, greenhouse gas reduction, water use reduction, etc. This team will gather and share best practices to link green chemistry to corporate sustainability commitments.

Team Lead

Juan Colberg
Juan Colberg

Team Members

Aireal Jenkins (Biogen), Julie Summers (AssymChem), Mike Kopach (Lilly), Alvaro Enriquez (Lilly),   Martin Olbrich (Roche), David Constable (ACS GCI), Tony DiDomenico, (Abbvie), Isamir Martinez (ACS GCI) , Frank Roschangar (BI)


Gather and share companies’ strategies around Green Chemistry programs and Corporate Sustainability Goals/Commitments

Team Folder

DMS: Green Chemistry API Strategy

Team Status

Updated: March 2021


  • Team met to review surveys results
  • There was not a clear direction that the team wanted to take moving forward
  • Team composition has dropped from 20 companies reps to 6 (although we have not been able to maintain attendance of all 6 for every meeting)


  • Appears that we can get critical mass or interest for a large number of companies

Activity Snapshot

  • Team revising scope

Upcoming Projects

Phase 1:
  • Deliverables: If we could not get more members to participate, we recommend to stop all team’s activities