ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable—Catalyzing green chemistry & engineering in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Grant Strategy

The ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable has identified key synthetic chemistry and process research challenges whose solutions would result in more efficient pharmaceutical process development and production. To spur research in these areas, the Roundtable created and maintains a research grant program, whose impact over the years has been recently documented. The Roundtable also advocates for targeted green chemistry and engineering support to academic and government labs from international and U.S. federal funding agencies.

Team Leads


Scott Plummer

Team Members

  • Josh Bolger, Asymchem
  • Wilfried Braje, AbbVie
  • Louis Diorazio, AstraZeneca
  • Shenquan Duan, Pfizer
  • William DuBay, AMPAC
  • Julian Egger, Bayer
  • David Entwistle, Codexis
  • William Gallagher, BMS
  • Michel Guillaume, J&J
  • Steve Han, Boehringer-Ingleheim
  • John Hayler, GSK
  • Amaruka Hazari, Corteva
  • Guy Humphrey, Merck
  • Mike Kopach, Lilly
  • Willard Lew, Gilead
  • Chaomin Li, Biogen
  • Tangqing Li, WuXi AppTec
  • Sudhir Nambiar, Hikal
  • Keegan Nelson, Neurocrine
  • Stefanie Roeper, Vertex
  • Philipp Roosen, Amgen
  • Helen Sneddon, GSK
  • Ho-Yan Sun, Gilead
  • Eva Vestergaard, Novo Nordisk
  • Jean-Yves Wach, Roche
  • Katarzyna Wegner, Ipsen


To manage and implement the Roundtable’s grant program.

Team Folder

DMS: Grants

Team Status

Updated: 21 Oct 2020


  • 2019 Ignition Grants Completed (4; delayed/interrupted due to COVID-19)
  • 2019 Targeted Grants Completed (3: delayed/interrupted due to COVID-19)
  • Distribution of 2020 grants changed (3 ignition grants; 4 targeted grants; 1 x $25k targeted grant)
  • Voting for 2020 Ignition and Targeted Grants Completed
  • Landon Durak of Takeda named as co-lead of team


  • Full engagement from Roundtable members (particularly new and members based in Asia)
  • COVID-19 interruption of grants awarded in 2019 (ignition and targeted grants)
  • Potential COVID-19 delays/interuptions to 2020 grants
  • Number/quality of ignition grant applications (improved for 2020)

Activity Snapshot

2020 Targeted Grants Awarded
  • A) Chemistry in Water (Weix; Wisconsin)
  • B) Peptide (Lambert/Milner; Cornell)
  • C) Membrane Separation (Sirkar: NJIT)
  • D) Oligonucleotides (Virta; Finland)
  • E) Chemistry in Water (Anderson; Denmark)
2020 Ignition Grants Awarded
  • A) Hostetler (Marshall)
  • B) Arnold (CalTech)
  • C) Yoon (Wisconsin)

Upcoming Projects

  • 2021 Targeted grants budget and distribution (targeted/ignition)
  • 2021 Targeted grant topic selection (grants team)
  • Utilization of grants team portal on ACSGCIPR site