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Educating Leaders Team

Team Lead


Juan Colberg, Pfizer


To educate scientific and business leaders in addition to potential Roundtable members.

Team Folder

DMS: Educating Leaders


Planning and Presenting Symposia

The Roundtable plans to present symposia at most ACS National Meetings as well as the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference organized by ACS GCI. In addition, international symposia are organized; this year in India and China.

See confirmed events in the calendar on the side bar to the right.

Planning and Presenting Student Workshops

Members present workshops regularly at ACS National Meetings, universities, member campuses and other locations. There is a need to align strategies and develop standardized material for these workshops. A student workshop subteam has been proposed.

See confirmed events in the calendar on the side bar to the right.

Organizing Lecture Tours

In the past, the Roundtable has selected an outstanding academic speaker in the green chemistry space to visit member companies and deliver a lecture.

Developing and Maintaining Online Library/Website

Maintaining the public face of the Roundtable and promoting use of the tools and grants is a priority of this team. This site is an example of how we are striving to achieve this. The team provides updates to content.

Team Status

Updated: 10/8/2018


  • Fall 2018 National Meetings was a success. Well attended, good reviews
  • India event completed . Proposals for next steps to be presented at the GCIPRT Fall meeting
  • Website/Group Library project started


  • Alignment on Student workshops. Also agree on standardized material needed.

Activity Snapshot

  • Central Repository/Education (Christiana Briddell, Isamir Martinez, Juan Colberg). Proposal approved and ongoing
  • 6th Industrial Green Chemistry World – Convention and Ecosystem October 16-17, 2019
  • Education on emerging Markets

Upcoming Projects

  • Complete new website/library
  • Kick off Student workshop subteam
  • Agree on India efforts next steps
  • Conference in China


Peter J. Dunn Award for Green Chemistry & Engineering Impact in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In 2016, the Roundtable established the Peter J. Dunn Award for Green Chemistry & Engineering Impact in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This award recognizes outstanding implementation of green chemistry and engineering that has led to safety and environmental improvements. The award was established in honor of Peter J. Dunn of Pfizer (for whom it was subsequently named).

Learn More About Nominations


Dan Bailey, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“Beyond Organic Solvents: Synthesis of a 5-HT4 receptor agonist in water.”


B. Frank Gupton, Floyd D. Gottwald Jr. Chair in Pharmaceutical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University

“Increasing Access to Global Health Care through Process Intensification.”


Bruce Lipshutz, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Sachin Handa, assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Louisville.

“Development of Newly Engineered Catalysts for Sustainable Surfactant Chemistry in Water.”


Peter J. Dunn, Global Head of Green Chemistry, Pfizer

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Student Travel Awards

For the past several years, the Roundtable has awarded travel grants ($1,000 each) to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are selected to present at a special symposium at the Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference.