ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable—Catalyzing green chemistry & engineering in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Articles of Interest

The Roundtable publishes a summary of recently published research of interest to pharma/green chemistry in a series called Articles of Interest. See listing of publications for the most recent.

Team Leads


Alan Steven
Alan Steven
CatSci Ltd
Callie Bryan

Team Members

Charlotte Dalton, Alba Diaz-Rodriguez, Jaika Doerfler, Oliver Engl, Paul Ferguson, Alejandro Gimenez Molina, Vanessa Harawa, Gareth Howell, Wei Li, Christopher Kelly, Rachel Munday, Antonio Navarro, Matthew Osborne, Michael Parmentier , Jan Pawlas, Paul Richardson, Mingshuo Zeng, Bill Smith, Daniel Treitler , Balaram Takale, Jack Terrett, Yongda Zhang


Highlighting of articles addressing preidentified challenges in sustainable processing to pharmaceutical industry stakeholders.  Manuscript appears in Org. Process Res. Dev. twice a year and is distributed to RT companies.

Team Folder

DMS: Articles of Interest


Write Articles of Interest

The team publishes biannual reviews of recent literature of interest categorized according to the Roundtable’s Key Research Areas. Current topics include: alcohol activation for nucleophilic displacement, amide formation, base metal catalysis, biocatalysis, C-H activation, fluorination, heterogeneous catalysis, oxidation, reduction, solvents, Wittig and general green chemistry.

Team Status

Updated: October 2022


  • AOI29 (10.1021/acs.oprd.2c00020) and AOI30 (10.1021/acs.oprd.2c00274) published.


  • Current topics are not wholly representative of interests of member companies in 2022.
  • Inconsistent coverage of continuous processing.
  • Challenge for authors with wide remits (e.g. solvents) to identify suitable articles. Guidance required for these contributors if these topics continue.

Activity Snapshot

  • Consultation underway around a revised list of topics that reflect interests of Roundtable companies in 2022. Problem statement used:
    “The current Articles of Interest (AOI) topics, based largely on thinking dating from 2007, no longer reflect the major challenges to sustainable small molecule processing faced by Roundtable members.  This is a result of innovations in the field and growth in the types of company represented by the Roundtable.  The discretionary effort put into preparing the AOI could become more impactful for Roundtable companies with a revised list of specific challenges, whether they relate to methodologies, modalities or technologies.”

  • Plan is to present the Articles of Interest using a similar number of areas as at present but for each area to have well-defined challenge statements that contributors exclusively use when identifying candidate articles.

Upcoming Projects

  • Prioritise candidate topics through voting, recruit contributors and implement for AOI32 (kickoff April 2023).