ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable—Catalyzing green chemistry & engineering in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Analytical Chemistry

Roundtable members share their experiences using green analytical tools including UHPLC, supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC), process analytical technologies, in-line reaction monitoring, automation and miniaturization to develop the greenest approach to pharmaceutical problem solving. The team recently developed a new Analytical Method Greenness Score calculator to encourage the use of the greenest separation methods. This calculator takes into account key environmental, health and safety aspects associated with analytical instruments and analyses to provide a strong metric for comparing different analytical methods.

Team Lead


Matt Osborne
Matt Osborne

Team Members

  • Christine Aurigemma (Pfizer) Co-Lead
  • Matt Osborne (AstraZeneca) Co-Lead
  • William Farrell (Pfizer)
  • Yun Huang (Pfizer)
  • Frank Riley (Pfizer)
  • Michael Hicks (Merck)
  • Lauren Weisel (Merck)
  • Tony Didomenico (AbbVie)
  • Erin Jordan (AbbVie)
  • Carol Ginsburg (Novartis)
  • Paul Ferguson (AstraZeneca)
  • John Wasylyk (BMS)
  • Marty Beres (BMS)
  • Mengling Wong (Genentech)
  • C. J. Venkatramani (Genentech)
  • Heewon Lee (BI)
  • Kelly Nadeau (Amgen)
  • Larry Miller (Amgen)
  • Grace Jenson (Vertex)
  • Rahul Patil (Corteva)
  • Todd Maloney (Lilly)
  • Eric Seest (Lilly)
  • Mark Zell (Takeda)
  • Dirk Van Den Heuvel (Janssen)
  • Zhu Liang (Biogen)
  • Wes Umstead (Chiral Technologies)
  • David Constable (ACS)
  • Christiana Briddell (ACS)
  • Isamir Martinez (ACS)


Expand green analytical chemistry focus to include: 1) educating leaders; 2) maximizing global collaborations; 3)fostering collaborations to advance research; and 4) expanding/developing tools for innovation.

Team Folder

DMS: Analytical Chemistry

Team Status

Updated: October 2021


  • Clear alignment of analytical chemistry project initiatives to RT and GCI goals was finalized and team goal was updated to reflect this effort
  • Two publications for CO2 grant project (Dr. Susan Olesik, OSU) submitted to Green Chemistry 9/21.
  • AMGS tool was updated after errors were identified
  • GC&E 2021 analytical chemistry session well-received


  • COVID-19 continues to hinder collaborative research efforts within the team (100% virtual)
  • Active engagement from some team members; upwards of 50% monthly absentee rate. Actual participation limited to <10 industry members
  • Working with Juan Colberg (Christy/Bill) to discuss ways to maximize RT company engagement on team

Activity Snapshot

  • Two publications for CO2 grant project (Dr. Susan Olesik, OSU) submitted to Green Chemistry 9/21; awaiting reviewer feedback
  • Real-time analytics team to define objectives and draft deliverables, recruit members for team
  • Contributions to OPRD in the works 
  • Submit ideas via survey for potential research grant projects

Upcoming Projects

  • Identify leads and team members to contribute to one of the 4 group goals
  • Abstract for GC&E 2022 submitted; volunteers and speakers needed
  • Lobby instrument vendors to adopt sustainable and recyclable manufacturing practices and use of environments impact factors
  • Update AMGS calculator with CO2 CED and EHS values for more accurate SFC greenness

Project Highlights

A request for proposal was recently put forward to go out in 2019, titled, “ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Research Grant Proposal to Empirically Determine the Potential Environmental Impact of Analytical and Preparative-Scale Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Processes.”

Analytical Method Greenness Score (AMGS) Calculator
The team has developed a calculator based on data collected across eight Roundtable companies to raise awareness of and assist in the selection of the greenest methods for solving pharmaceutically relevant separations problems. This web-based tool is now available to the public.

In 2019, a manuscript titled “Making the move towards modernized greener separations: Introduction of the analytical method greenness score (AMGS) calculator” was published in the journal Green Chemistry.

Analytical Team Scope Expansion
The team is currently expanding their greener analytical chemistry research focus and industry benchmarking to include spectroscopy, in-line reaction monitoring, automation and miniaturization, to name a few.  Specialists and those experienced in these areas are invited to join current experts on the team to maximize collaborations for a greener analytical future.