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Acid Base Selection Guide Team

Team Leads


Team Members

Louis Diorazio (AZ), Roel Hoefnagels (Janssen), Alain Collas (Janssen), Winston Nilumol (Genentech), Steve Fussell (Pfizer), Colin Benison (AZ)


An interactive acid-/base tool combining physical properties and SHE data.

Team Folder


Team Status

Updated: October 2022


  • The required data on the acids and bases have been collated by the team
  • The tool has been designed
  • Initial testing amongst the team members and selected colleagues and contacts for feedback has taken place


  • The team has shrunk in size considerably which resulted in a 6 month hiatus being called earlier in the year
  • Currently no co-chair (CD previously co-chair)
  • Departure of Helen Sneddon (due to move to academia)
  • Not clear due to the hiatus/change of lead which members wish to continue in the team

Activity Snapshot

  • CD working with Isamir in order to determine what needs to be done to release the acid-base selection tool for wider use

Upcoming Projects

  • Aim to re-vitalise the team with a call for new members
  • Consider a plan for phase 2 development of the acid-base tool (could add further data and/or more acids and bases) and how this would balance with any further development of the solvent selection tool